Imported spirits will enter the "golden age" and consumption will become more popular and younger

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Since 2013, the imported spirits, which have been unstoppable, have finally swept away the haze and smoothly recovered. According to statistics, from January to December 2016, the total amount of imported spirits in China was 59,100 kiloliters, up 4.48% year-on-year. The total amount of imported spirits in China was 873 million US dollars, up 4.83% year-on-year. For the future trend of the imported spirits market, Li Shizhen, general manager of COFCO Mingzhuang International Wine Industry, said that China’s imported spirits were held at the “Gathering Peer” 2017 COFCO Mingzhuang Imported Spirits Strategy Release and New Product Launch Conference held recently. The market is running into the "golden age."


Young people are the main force in the consumption of imported spirits

Previously, imported spirits had been underperforming due to the lack of a mature consumer market. Relevant data show that since 2013, China's spirits and imports have maintained a 6%-15% year-on-year decline, with less fluctuations and continued slowdown. As China's young consumer groups grow larger, the demand for imported spirits is growing.

Li Shizhen said that the reason why imported spirits will usher in a golden age in China is that the main driving force is still the outbreak of consumption. In the future, the consumption of imported spirits will become more popular, and the consumer groups of imported spirits will be more youthful.

“The young people of the future will become the main force in the consumption of imported spirits in China.” In Li Shizhen’s view, young people will pursue more popular drinking methods and lifestyles, and the consumption level and spending power of young people will be further enhanced. The concept of consumption has also been further transformed. It is not limited to traditional Chinese culture. The contact and acceptance of Western culture and world culture has gradually increased, and it is more willing to try new categories and new products.

According to industry analysts, many imported spirits brands have begun to cultivate young consumers through personalized, diversified experience services and product development. At present, the “post-90s” people who have already had the ability to consume independently have become potential stocks in the consumer market, and most of the “post-90s” consumers are deeply influenced by Western diet and culture, and have a certain foundation for understanding and drinking spirits. Once this consumer group is injected into the imported spirits market, the demand for imported spirits will increase, the variety and brand will increase, the base will gradually increase, and the imported spirits market will be considerable.

The data shows that in the past five years, the global spirits market has grown at an average annual rate of 4.7%. It is estimated that by 2020, the market consumption will still increase by 120 million boxes, exceeding the 3.2 billion box mark, and a larger share of growth. Will come from China. According to research by the International Wine and Spirits Research Institute (IWSR), Asia-Pacific region consumes 63% of the world's spirits, and China is the world's largest consumer of spirits. Some insiders said that China's imported spirits market is welcoming a golden age of rapid development. This golden age is also 10 years, perhaps more lasting. This is a very valuable market opportunity. Whoever can better grasp this opportunity will win the future.

Imported spirits consumption will become more popular

Li Shizhen believes that the consumption of imported Chinese spirits has been separated from the consumption pattern of high-end gift wines as the mainstream market. Consumers’ consumption needs have changed, more personalized, more daily drinking and tasting, and they have entered the mass consumption. Life, more consumers and groups began to contact imported spirits, and even the surge of cocktails and flavoring wines also promoted the diversified consumption process of imported spirits to varying degrees.

At the same time, as consumer demand has changed, consumer sites have also changed. Most of the past was spent in the night market, and now it has become a diversified spirits consumption place for family gatherings and catering. "At present, 80% of China's imported spirits consumption is concentrated in bars, nightclubs and KTV channels. The era of night market consumption will be subverted. Night market promotion, professional stores/KA, Internet marketing, omni-channel import of spirits will soon be consumed. Coming," said Li Shizhen.

With the popularity of imported spirits and the diversification of channels, the products are also showing a trend of explosives. "The omni-channel explosives that satisfy the mass consumption are the quality brands that meet the demand for consumption upgrade. Only the explosive products can achieve a strong brand, and the products with valuable prices are explosive products!" Li Shizhen emphasized.

There are a lot of explosives in the imported spirits market. For example, William Whiskey is the top whisky in France for 20 consecutive years. It sells an average bottle every 2 seconds in France and has become a whisky for many French youths. The first experience, on the cultural level, has been precipitated as "my bottle of whiskey", which has become a memory symbol of many young French people; the blasting dragon that occupies 8% of the total sales of spirits in the United States is known as the US market. The "Moutai", sweet and spicy taste subversive imagination, almost the love of young people in North America, the sales of the night market...

“In China, the number of young consumer groups is even larger, and the demand for imported spirits will be more intense. It will also find the memory symbols of their own time through the form of explosive products.” Li Shizhen said that in the explosion In terms of creation, COFCO Mingzhuang will integrate resources to create products with high blood, high value, high quality and high recognition. Facing the big market, large groups and big scenes, spread and promote through ethnic groups, experience and time. Strong sinking channels for precision bombing.

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